moderated Re: Jaws2022 to disable Jaws2021 to use

O.Addison Gethers

I’m using laptop  computer  I meant to said  in here  that I don’t want to use jaws2022  and want to used  jaws2021 

When I was on jaws2022  windows  I press alt-o then arrow to basic press enter  can’t remember exact word  I press tab key 2 time  tonot have jaws  something  where the box is checks so I press spacebar to have the box say not check  then I press tab  it say all users and etc  where it have box check then I press tab to OK button  press enter

wWheen I press insert –f4 key  to unload jaws2022  I press spacebar  then I press windows key –r to type in jaws2021  it loaded jaws2021 to come on

When I either shut down or restart the computer  jaws2022  still come on not jaws2021




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Subject: Re: Jaws2022 to disable Jaws2021 to use


So, do you have jaws 2021 coming on at startup? 

On Dec 12, 2021, at 08:39, O.Addison Gethers <o.addisongethers@...> wrote:

Hi All

I have jaws2022  and want to disable it to use jaws2021  How do I  do that?


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