moderated Re: Jaws reverts back too Jaws 2021, even though I installed the latest Jaws 2022.

Albert Cutolo

Good afternoon Bill, 

I called Jaws tech support earlier this morning, and after spending time with the tech it  was  thought that we had resolved the problem.  I then asked him, if I could try doing the unloading of Jaws with insert F4 too see if the problem was resolved.  He told me, that the problem shouldn’t happen again.  But wouldn’t you know it, I just tried unloading jaws and restarting it, and it went back too saying, Jaws 2021.  It was his thought, that when I unload Jaws and restart jaws, that it some how, Jaws 2021 reloads.  That shouldn’t be  possible, because when I spoke too the very same tech a few days ago, he made me uninstall Jaws 2021. Believe me when I say, that I was very detailed in my instructions.   with what I was explaining the problem.       

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