moderated Re: Bypassing certain keys in a specific application?

James Malone <james.malone93502@...>

Ah, I realise I didn't explain myself properly, though thanks for the
help regardless (I did know about jaws key 3)!
Is there a way to either pass certain keys but not others to the
application, or is there a way to enable some sort of pass through
mode, if you will? Basically so I don't have to press insert 3 etc
every time. It's a super niche case I'm making here possibly, the
specific use case here is when playing certain games which require the
arrow keys. Most of the time this question comes up the stock answer
people usually give is to just use NVDA, but I'm more curious if such
a thing can be done with JFW

On 12/9/21, Steve Nutt <steve@...> wrote:
Yep, press JAWS Key and 3, then type in the key. It will be passed to the

All the best


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Subject: Bypassing certain keys in a specific application?

Hi there list,
I've started using Jaws again recently after not using it for at least a
good decade, so I'm still catching up to speed here.
Basically though, I'm wanting to bypass certain keys and have that key
passed through to the application. Is this something I am able to do/how
would I be able to do it?

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