moderated Jaws reverts back too Jaws 2021, even though I installed the latest Jaws 2022.

Albert Cutolo

Good morning everyone, 


Around a week or so ago, I installed Jaws 2022 and am having a real problem that I don’t know how too remedy.    It seems that whenever I press the insert F4 command too turn off the Jaws speech and then resume Jaws speech with control plus alt plus J,  Jaws reverts back too Jaws 2021.  I know this, because when I go too where it says jaws home manual and do the alt plus a key and check where it says about key, it says that Jaws 2021, and not Jaws 2022 instead.  I did call Jaws tech support where we performed a uninstall  of Jaws 2021 and did a complete reinstall of Jaws2022, but this problem still exists.  I’ve also ran a Jaws repair about three times,  but with no resolution.


I’m worried that if I  call tech support back with this ongoing issue, I don’t want them too think that I’m  some kind of nut job. 

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