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Where is a good place to learn some of the windows explorer and windows navigation tricks?


This powe ruser tricks which make the difference?







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I'd also suggest that those doing cut and paste for files where you're selecting a few files, in cycles, then pasting them, lather, rinse, repeat use two File Explorer windows tiled either side by side or above and below to do this process.  It saves tons of navigation on the whole, and you know, based on how you choose to place the windows, which you consider your cutting window and which you consider your pasting window.  It's quick work to switch between them, or at least it can be if you don't have a ton of programs you need to ALT + TAB between.  And if that is the case, this is a perfect example of where a second (or third or fourth) virtual desktop comes in very handy just for doing this task and then closing it.

How to Use Virtual Desktops in Windows 10


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