moderated Re: moving files from a folder

Steve Nutt



Why use the JAWS cursor to cut?


Just highlight the folder and press Control X. then go into the new folder where you want it pasted and press Control V. No clicking need apply.


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From: <> On Behalf Of kevin meyers
Sent: 06 December 2021 02:45
Subject: moving files from a folder



Hello, I’m using the most recent versions of windows10 and Jaws2022. I’m moving files from one folder to another through windows explorer. I put the cursor on the file name. Then I use the Jaws cursor and place cursor on the file name. I then press the right mouse key. I get the options to copy, cut and so on. I move to cut and press enter. I then move to the new folder. The folder I want is with in multiple folders. For example there is a main folder. Within that folder is then folder 1. Within that folder is folder 1a. I need to put the file in folder 1a. The file is on the clip board. Once at the folder 1a I paste in. I make sure it is in the folder before moving out of folder 1a. It shows up. I go and do something else and then come back to folder 1a. The file I cut and pasted is not in folder 1a. Also there are times I create a sub folder, it shows up and when I go out and come back it no longer exists. What would be causing this to happen? I check other sub folders and the file is no where.




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