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I have no dog in the fight with Peachtree, never used it, have no interest.

But, please rethink the 32 vs. 64 bit OS issue and adding RAM.

An upgrade from 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM is less than $40 for your E6520 (see below for exact pricing and Dell Part#). Be careful to get new RAM that has the same speed rating, or better, than what you have now (if you call Dell with your laptop's Dell Service Tag#, they can help make sure).

I would encourage anyone using windows 7 for business, or similar, purposes to use the 64 bit version of software when possible, with more than 4GB RAM memory.

For a standard Windows 7 PC (i5 processor), the performance improvement between 32 bit with 4GB RAM and 64 bit with >= 6GB is significant.

From the Dell web site, standard pricing:

DELL 2 GB Dell Certified Memory Module for Dell Latitude ... E6520 Laptop

Dell Price $17.99

Dellâ„¢ Branded memory offered ... is fully compatible and supported by Dell. Memory offered now may differ in speed from the original system memory but has been qualified to work in the system. ...

Usually Ships: Within 24 Hours

Manufacturer Part# : SNPV1RX3C/2G | Dell Part# : A5039689

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Subject: No, Thanks -- Live, Free Telephone Help for setting-up Peachtree Complete Accounting
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... I see that I'll not be installing this application any time soon for
this one comment you made:

"We have also revised the Guide to be a bit more specific about system
requirements; in particular, lots of RAM. Personally, my laptop has eighth
gigabytes of RAM. We recommend that amount. I have observed that, with six
or less gigabytes of RAM, the system bogs-down. This is a natural result of
the demands on any system put upon it by running both Peachtree and JAWS.
That is heavy. My own experience on my laptop is that it operates plenty
fast, and has never crashed. But, again, a smokin' computer is a

*** end of clip ***

Then you are saying that this application requires a 64-bit smokin'
operating system to use. I must have missed that somewhere, or if it's not
specifically stated anywhere -- it certainly should be. Not everyone has
this, nor the 8G of RAM. MY order for a Cray computer has still not been
approved by my company.

It does explain why it brought my mere Windows 7 32-bit quad core 4G RAM
system to its knees yesterday

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