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Tom Behler

Thanks, Jason.


Will check these things out.


I tried replying to you privately, but your private e-mail address bounced back, so just wanted to acknowledge your note.



Tom Behler


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On 28/11/21 16:24, Tom Behler wrote:

1.  Is there an ElBraille e-mail list I can subscribe to?  I did a Google search, and found a few possibilities, but am not sure which list is best for the fifth-generation unit.

There may be other lists, but the braille-display-users list would be worth a subscription.

 2.  Does anyone know of good “hands on” ElBraille tutorials?  Once again, I’ve found some ElBraille documentation on the Freedom Scientific web site, but I’m looking for more step-by-step tutorials on setting up the ElBraille, and on the ElBraille’s most important functions.

My understanding is that besides several custom applications written for the ElBraille, it's just a Windows 10 Home system running JAWS as the screen reader. The braille-related sections of the JAWS help topics would be an important reference - especially the various braille keyboard operations for entering JAWS commands and simulating Windows keystrokes.

These are all documented extensively in the JAWS help system.

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