moderated Looking For ElBraille E-mail List And Available Tutorials

Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.


I might be in a position to acquire an ELBraille/focus 40 fifth-generation note-taker/Braille Display unit, and am wondering two things:


1.  Is there an ElBraille e-mail list I can subscribe to?  I did a Google search, and found a few possibilities, but am not sure which list is best for the fifth-generation unit.


2.  Does anyone know of good “hands on” ElBraille tutorials?  Once again, I’ve found some ElBraille documentation on the Freedom Scientific web site, but I’m looking for more step-by-step tutorials on setting up the ElBraille, and on the ElBraille’s most important functions.


Since this might be considered slightly off topic, please respond to me privately at:




Thank you!


Dr.  Tom Behler from Michigan



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