moderated Re: magic and jaws 2020

Milton Ota



I don’t think that removing JAWS 2020 would have caused the removal of MaGic from your system.


It is my understanding that Freedom Scientific has stopped supporting or distributing MaGic so if you are needing both screen enlargement your choice is to go with Fusion which combines ZoomText and JAWS in one package or buying Zoom Text as a separate license. It will make more sense to buy a License for Fusion, cost wise.


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Subject: magic and jaws 2020


Good morning Listers: I recently installed J 2022. It is my practice to keep the last 2 versions and remove anything older. So I removed J 2020.


Is it  possible that in removing J 2020 I also removed Magic? Suddenly Magic has disappeared from my system. I have run every search I can think of, and Magic is no where to be found.


Next question is—can I get it back?




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