moderated Re: Loading a webpage, why is JAWS chatty?

Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Mark, 

this are the results I expected. Firefox as non-UIA browser saying much less as the other browsers. Since UIA is part of Chromium browsers Google Chrom speaks more and Microsoft Edge speaks the most. Since Microsoft is the inventor of UIA it's clear they support UIA the most. They implanted a lot of UIA events so Screenreader can speak them. For example the page loading, or if a download is complete. 

So please be careful to change the setting because you might miss some informations (like finishing of a download). But this is a good thing about JAWS: you can change settings very fast and find out which one is best for you. The setting you changed recently are at the end of the tree view in Settings Center to change the settings fast if you don't like it. 

Good luck in trying out

Am 23.11.2021 um 02:30 schrieb Mark <mweiler@...>:

Udo, before posting I did tests on Firefox, Edge and Chrome.  I've repeated and pasted results here. Does it prove your theory? Edge certainly is chatty. 

On this Canadian government page for Culture, history, and sport, I activated the Discover Parliament Hill link

Here's the speech history for the three browsers after I activate the link. Notice how Chrome and Edge say the context of the source link.

Parliament Hill - — Mozilla Firefox 
Parliament Hill -
Page has 9Regions, 19headings and 45links

Culture, history and sport -
 heading level 3  Link Discover Parliament Hill
Parliament Hill -
Parliament Hill -
Page has 9Regions, 19headings and 45links

Discover Parliament Hill  heading level 3   this is a link  
Loading page
Loading complete
Discover Parliament Hill
 heading level 3  this is a link Discover Parliament Hill
Page has 9Regions, 19headings and 45links


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