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betina vega

Hi, all:

I am using a Focus 40 display, 4th generation with JAWS 2022, and
Windows 11. I have tried connecting via bluetooth, and it works. But
If I try connecting it via USB, it does not work.

Betina Vega

On 11/18/21, Milton Ota <> wrote:

Are you using JAWS 2022 with your windows 11?

Did you hear a connect sound when you connected the Focus to the computer?

Have you searched the Device Manager to see if it shows up there?

Are you using the provided cable with your Focus? The tip that goes into the
Focus 4 Generation is a micro usb tip.

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Hello, all:

I am using the Focus blu 40, 4th generation display with windows 11, and
JAWS 2022. I have connected it using bluetooth, but this is the first time
connecting the device using the USB port. I have tried going through the
JAWS Braille menu, and following the steps to connect via USB but nothing
happens. I have tried turning the Braille display on and off, and I do know
I must have my Braille display turned on before activating JAWS. Any help
would be appreciated.Thank you.

Betina Vega

On 11/12/21, betina vega <> wrote:
Hello, everyone:

I am having an issue connecting my Focus 40 Braille display to my
computer using the USB port.
I am using JAWS 2022. I have tried various suggestions from the
internet, but they do not work.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Betina Vega

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