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meow meow

I did look up from internet and all I can see is for learning for kids

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Isn’t there still a company that makes the Mountbatten braille writer? i’ve seen some before, and it’s my understanding they do the same thing and are built primarily the same too.


Bill Tessore

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You really have only one choice and that is the Perkins Braille Writer. I don’t think you are looking for the electric one.


You can find brand new ones at Perkins Store. Price is around $900.00


Here is the web URL to the Perkins Store for Braille Writers:


You can find people selling secondhand Perkins Braillers ranging in price from around $250.00 and I have seen some going for as high as $400.00. Ads are usually found on blindads a listserv found on, and you can find ads in the Braille Forum from the American Council of the Blind and the Braille Monitor from the National Federation of the Blind.






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Hi Roseie here...

I hope I can ask this kind of question

do anyone know whick kind is best to buy good braille writer?

just manual


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