moderated Question regarding a read only message when I open a message that I want too read.

Albert Cutolo

Good morning everyone, 


I am writing about an annoying issue which happens whenever I open a message with outlook,  using the latest version of jaws2022, and   windows 10.  When I find a message that is in my inbox that I want too read,  I press the enter key too open it, and get this stupid message that says, read only.  When this happens, sometimes it says space, and then I have too arrow down through the message in order too finish reading.  And sometimes, it will read down through the message. 

I hope that this issue will be addressed in the next jaws  update and freedom scientific technical support    is aware of this ongoing issue that many of us are facing. 


If anyone has any fixes that can make this annoying  issue  disappear,  it would be most appreciated. 


Thanks in advance, 



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