moderated Re: Working with comments/revisions in Google Docs


Hi Rahul!
Same situation here. Any help for both of us would be appreciated. As for me, I suppose it depends on the fact that i use the german version of jaws. Are you also using a non-english jaws? If that is the case, I suppose it is a matter of localization (often shortcuts and keystrokes change depending on the language of an application)
Thanks in advance, Helmuth

Am 15.11.2021 um 14:24 schrieb Rahul Bajaj:

Hi all,

As part of my job, I have to collaborate with colleagues using Google
Docs. The comments and revisions that they make are hard to access
using Docs for me. So I often end up just downloading the document
into Word. It is quite hard to access these changes in Word as well as
JAWS does not typically treat them the way it treats
comments/revisions made in a word document.

The main difficulty I face in accessing comments is that the
keystrokes that are supposed to help you get into a comment's text
don't work for me. So even if I know that there is a comment on the
word Rahul, I am unable to open that comment up and see its contents.
And as for revisions, I do not know how one can jump from one revision
to another. Can someone who uses Docs regularly in this way help me,


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