moderated Re: Jaws and emogies

JM Casey

Hello Madison.

Haven't really bothered with this (although I don't' really mind inserting
the odd one in SMS on my phone) but, you should be able to access the
windows emoji keyboard. I believe windows plus . (period) is the keystroke.
You should be able to arrow through the lists and categories and select one
you want.

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Sent: November 16, 2021 06:41 PM
Subject: Jaws and emogies

Hi all,
Does anyone know how to insert emogees into email messages using Jaws? I
know Jaws reads them and so if possible I'd love to know how to put them
into email messages as writing the word smile or whatever feels weird. If
sighted people can put them in then there should be a way for blind people
to do it too. Using latest versions of Jaws, Office 365 and Windows 10. Hope
someone can help, Madison

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