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Ken Chernack

Thank you Brian for the clarification.

I stand corrected.



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On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 04:43 PM, Ken Chernack wrote:

Isn’t that the answer to the original question,

It isn't.

Here is the original post, verbatim:
Hello, I’m using the most recent versions of windows10 and Jaws2021. I use to press control shift N to create a folder on my laptop. For some reason today I cannot. Has the method to create a folder in windows10 changed? Thanks, Kevin
I see nothing that even implies this is an Outlook question, and have not understood how Outlook got into the mix.  It seems to be a direct statement that the longstanding File Explorer keyboard shortcut for creating a folder, CTRL + SHIFT + N, has ceased working and asking whether it may have changed.

It hasn't changed.

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