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Bill White

Hi, Don. While attempting to create the folders with CONTROL, SHIFT, N, do you have an Office application open, and if so, does CONTROL, SHIFT, N work differently when the Office application is closed?


Bill White




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I do not.


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On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 12:02 PM, Don Mauck wrote:

Out of curiosity I did the control shift N, command, it brought up note.

Check to see if you have a desktop shortcut for Note and it has CTRL + SHIFT + N defined as its shortcut.

If you do, Windows itself will always process CTRL + SHIFT + N first, fire up Note, and then focus returns to File Explorer.  This, of course, happens very quickly.

But if you have assigned that key sequence to a desktop shortcut, or somehow otherwise defined it so that Windows has it in its "list of shortcuts I process," it's always going to do whatever it is it's assigned to by Windows.  Windows has first dibs on any keyboard shortcut, your screen reader second, and your application program (and File Explorer is an application) third.

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