moderated Re: Jaws will not work on some web pages

Adrian Spratt

You can make maximized the permanent setting for Microsoft Edge by going to the icon on the desktop, pressing alt-enter for properties, then tabbing past the shortcut option to "Run as..." Use the arrow keys to find maximize and press the spacebar. Then tab to Apply. You'll be told you can't because you need administrative rights, but press spacebar again and you'll get them! Then press spacebar on Apply again, then tab to Okay.

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Thanks Adrian, for suggesting to check the maximazation. I think that fixed it. I'd completely forgotten, I so rarely have to do that. Will try and remember with this site.

On 11/14/21, Tony Sohl <tonysohl@...> wrote:
Hi it will work on other pages and just not the church page. On hsn,
it works fine, on gogle it works fine and everything esle, but not the
page we are having issues with on my wi9fe's computer only.

That is very strange!

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