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Hi, I have always used hitti g the letter "f" to find the form fields. Judy

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Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2021 4:18 PM
Subject: Jaws wil not work on some web pages

wWe are having an issue with JAWS and form fields on a website.

We are serving at our church and it's online and using an online
platform that normally works with Jaws.

For some reason, on my wife's laptop computer, when she goes to press
the leter E to go to the fiorm field, it keeps telling her there are no
form fields on thsi page.

However, when I run the same page on my laptop, I can press ther letter
E to see the form fields and it works properly.

We are wondering if she has a newer version of windows than I do.

What is causing this not to work? On other web pages, she can go to the
edit fields.

Here is the website we are having issues with.

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