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On Sat, Nov 13, 2021 at 10:38 AM, Jeff Christiansen wrote:
I'll second this recommendation.   Although, if you're working in File Explorer CTRL + SHIFT + N should work, the default of ALT + 2 (on the number line, not number pad) should also also work and save a keystroke.

It is possible if someone somehow created a desktop shortcut that uses CTRL + SHIFT + N as its invocation, that would get processed by Windows itself rather than File Explorer.  I just tested this out by assigning one of my desktop shortcuts the shortcut key sequence CTRL + SHIFT + N and it always causes that program to be invoked even if I'm working in File Explorer at the time.  The processing hierarchy for any keyboard shortcut is Windows, Screen reader (when you are using one), application program.  And if either Windows or the Screen Reader processes a keyboard shortcut the application program will never have the chance (ignoring the use of a screen reader pass-through command).

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