moderated Re: seeking advice on windows 10 versus windows 11

Chris Hill

Well, unless the computer is fairly new, like less than three or four years old, you aren't going to have any real choice, it will be windows 10 for you.  Even if it is fairly new, unless it has tpm 2.0 capability, it will still have to be windows 10 to get security updates.  I'm going to wait on 11 until I have someone who needs help with it or there is some significant reason to change.  Two months into a new operating system is just way too soon with windows.


On 11/10/2021 10:55, Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D. via wrote:
hi Group,
I have been without a PC for several years, but soon will receive a hand me down PC. The forthcoming computer currently runs windows 10, which I previously used before going without a PC. The current owner is willing to install windows 11 on this computer before handing it over.
Seeking advice on whether I should become familiar again with jaws on a windows 10 device or whether it’s OK to take on a Windows 11 computer. I will appreciate any advice.
Thanks in advance, Keith

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