moderated Re: seeking advice on windows 10 versus windows 11

Pat Byrne

Why not go with WIN10 for a while and get used to it again. WIN11 isn't, in my opinion any sort of breakthrough and I plan to use "10" as long as it is supported.
Just my opinion.
Pat ByrneAt 10:55 AM 11/10/2021, you wrote:

hi Group,
I have been without a PC for several years, but soon will receive a hand me down PC. The forthcoming computer currently runs windows 10, which I previously used before going without a PC. The current owner is willing to install windows 11 on this computer before handing it over.
Seeking advice on whether I should become familiar again with jaws on a windows 10 device or whether it’s OK to take on a Windows 11 computer. I will appreciate any advice.
Thanks in advance, Keith

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