moderated Cursofr stuck at the Windows 11 log in screen

Michael Munn

Hello, I'm sending this email just to report a problem that I'm experiencing on my Windows 11 computer. A week ago, I installed Windows 11 on my computer and the system is good. The only problem that I'm having is everytime time I boot up my computer and start the login process and begin to typing out the password, sometimes the cursor will be stuck in one placein the password box  and will not move. I literally have to press Tab to get out of it and Shift+Tab to go back again. This is a very annoying problem and I wonder have any of you early adopters experienced this problem recently? 
If you have, please let me know. 
best regards 
Michael H. Munn 

JAWS Certified, 2019

Member: Georgia Association of Blind Students National Federation of the Blind of Georgia

Member: National association of Blind Students National Federation of the Blind

  Student of: Hadley Institute of the Blind

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