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Curt Taubert

It's win 10, and no it wasn't checked but I did that right away after getting Bills message.

On 11/2/2021 11:23 AM, Milton Ota wrote:

Before one can answer your question I need a little more information. What version of the operating system is the computer running? Is it Windows 7 or 10?

In the Options Menu under Basic Settings, is the Check for Updates checked?

Please answer these questions and I could possibly help you a little further.

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Hi, I have a question maybe someone has some advice. Back when jfw 20
21 came out, I with the help of my Dad signed up for, I think it was the next four or five updates. I haven't got any update so far. But my friend signed up for a different plan and says he's been getting all the updates for 20 21.

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