Re: Creating Shortcut Keys with Jaws?

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Hi Brandon,

Yes, you can! If you are running XP try the following;

1. Go to the the website of choice.
2. With the website open, press Alt + F, for the file menu.
3. Arrow up to the, Send sub-menu, & press enter.
4. Arrow to, Shortcut To Desktop, & press enter.
5. Now, there will be a shortcut for this website on your desktop, & you can
now assign a shortcut keystroke to it .

Here's another way to do this.

1. Go to the the website of choice.
2. Press the applications key, to open the context menu or, press, shift +
3. Arrow up to, Create Shortcut, & press enter.
4. You will get a dialogue asking, " Do you want to put a shortcut to this
website on your desktop?" Tab to yes, & press the spacebar.
5. Now, assign a keystroke to the shortcut on the desktop.

I'm sure you can do the above in Windows7 as well. Hope this helps. Take

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Is there a way to create a hot key through Jaws that will activate a link
on a webpage? The webpage doesn’t have one specified, but I navigate the
webpage so much that it’s becoming a major waste of time to hit 2 or 3
buttons when with a hot key I could just hit one.
I use:
all the time and in particular, the link to find if you got the problem
right takes lots of time to find after you’ve clicked the submit button with
your answer. If I could get jaws to find the “Try next one” link super fast
it would shave off like 6 seconds off each interval.

Brandon Keith Biggs
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