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James English


I don't know the answer to the question posed, but this threadjack has
kind of gone on long enough. Is anyone going to answer it?

- James Kizagurien-English

On 11/5/21, Marty Hutchings <mhutchings152730@...> wrote:
Well, Go ahead and disabuse me of this idea then, because I think that
it is making good use of ones resources or knowledge bases such as it
were.  Like it has been said time and time again, there is always the
Delete key.  I have suffered much more grievous etiquette abuses on
these lists than cross listing.  How about subject hijacking for one.

On 11/5/2021 1:27 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Fri, Nov 5, 2021 at 02:20 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:

I think, for example, if somebody had replied explaining how this
is considered to be bad list etiquette sending it privately is
even a better approach.

Well, I disagree.  This is something that needs to be a part of the
public record.  At one time it needed to be said less than it seems to
need to be said lately.

And telling someone that something is bad netiquette, when it is
indeed bad netiquette, is educating them.  It's not an attack. It's
not telling them they're stupid.  It's informing them of something
they did not know.

We are not children here, and not everything needs to be couched in
the softest possible terms.  I've really grown tired of the attitude
that when someone says something in a direct and businesslike manner
that it's offensive.

Anyone thinking that multi-posting or cross-posting is a good idea
needs to be disabused of that notion.

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