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Well, I haven’t found a problem with Windows+t then hitting enter on any of the applications I arrow to.


Like Sieghard, I tend to use either the Windows key plus the number corresponding to where the app is in the list, 1 for Outlook, 2 for Edge, etc.

Or, I have defined my own hotkeys for programs I use like control+alt+e for Excel.


I only use first letter navigation when I  am in a list like in file explorer.






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Subject: Task Bar in Windows 11


I am using JFW 2022, and I just upgraded to Windows 11.  (Probably not a wise move)

If I hit Windows-t to go to the task bar, I can arrow right or left to go through the items on the task bar.  If I hit enter or space bar on one of them, it usually does nothing.  If I go back into the task bar and do it again, the app opens.

With Windows 10, I used to also be able to use first letter navigation.  Open the task bar, hit c for calendar, then Enter.  First letter navigation does not seem to work in Windows 11.  I also tried it with NVDA and Narrator.  Same result.

Any thoughts?



Jerry Berrier

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