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I haven't upgraded yet, but keep in mind that you can access anything on the taskbar with a single keyboard shortcut which is Windows Key + Number Row 1 through 0 for up to ten items.

Of course this means you have to memorize the order of programs on your taskbar, but let's assume you have the following applications on the taskbar from left to right:


Microsoft Edge, Excel, Word, Outlook, Notepad, there are 5 items here

If you want to open Edge all you would have to do from anywhere is to press Windows Key + 1, if you want Excel it's Windows Key + 2, Windows Key + 3 would open Word etc.

I am sure this has not changed in Windows 11, why you can't open programs if you press enter on them I don't know.


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Subject: Task Bar in Windows 11


I am using JFW 2022, and I just upgraded to Windows 11.  (Probably not a wise move)

If I hit Windows-t to go to the task bar, I can arrow right or left to go through the items on the task bar.  If I hit enter or space bar on one of them, it usually does nothing.  If I go back into the task bar and do it again, the app opens.

With Windows 10, I used to also be able to use first letter navigation.  Open the task bar, hit c for calendar, then Enter.  First letter navigation does not seem to work in Windows 11.  I also tried it with NVDA and Narrator.  Same result.

Any thoughts?



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