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Hello, I just randomly read this post. This subject line has been up for days, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't have time to read every single post on this busy list. So the couple I have read had nothing to do with Jaws cost. A lot of us could miss something that may be helpful to us if all of you would write a new post with the correct subject line. This is really frustrating, as I assume the subject line fits the message, which it doesn't anymore. Please stop this. Judy & Libby

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From: [] On Behalf Of Hareth
Sent: Thursday, November 4, 2021 12:07 PM
Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

Narrator sense one of win10 additions is more than enough to:
Installing windows from scratch
navigating through the windows initial setup
and after the above its good to install other screenreaders from
files, or even with internet browsing and downloading.
BTW, English is not my 1st language, I find win10 tts voice with
narrator just fine to understand. I'm probably not the only one who
really didn't get what you need narrator to do more than the above.

On 11/4/21, David Diamond <Daviddiamond2019@...> wrote:
It does not tell me the proper term, insert on both left or right mouse keys
is not the proper term. To bee truthful, I’m not sure of what the verbiage
is, I just found it annoying and I can’t seem to get into the menu to change
it. All in all, a real pain. I have no idea how to get a screen reader with
no active screen reader. Even pasting the link from another computer does
not work as how do I know if it is pasted and then, once it gets there, one
has to scroll down to download it, again how can that be done if no reader
is working. For those who’ve done it, enlighten me.

From: <> On Behalf Of Steve Nutt
Sent: November 4, 2021 4:57 AM
Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

I don’t understand this one.

Narrator will let you do mouse clicks, and all kinds. Besides, you don’t
need sighted help to install most screen readers.

All the best


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<<>> On Behalf Of David Diamond
Sent: 04 November 2021 05:43
Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

People come on, do you really think NVDA or any other screen reader will
recommend another one? As for Narrator, I still can’t get it to work
without it not using any terminology close to the left mouse button or right
mouse button. Why is that important? Because when I’ve got a newer
computer, it is virtually impossible to use narrator to install any other
screen reader. Thus sighted assistance is mandatory.

<<>> On Behalf Of Glenn / Lenny
Sent: November 3, 2021 9:13 PM
Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

Well it's not behind their backs.
I have brought it up on a NVDA list where maintainers monitor and post and
they all demonstrated no interest in including Jaws shortcuts as a
selection, and state that folks just have to get used to what they think is
the best user interface.
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From: Michael Hunsaker<mailto:Hunsakerconsulting@...>
Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2021 7:59 AM
Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

I work with and teach dolphin, NaRrator, JAWS, NVDA, and ChromeVox. I just
want to point out that most maintainers of NVDA are screenreader users.Â

You may disagree with how they set up the system and keystrokes, but it not
appropriate to assume they are in some way indifferent to the needs of the
blind community or actively antagonistic to the blind community. Especially
when the accusation is made behind their backs.Â

That said, there are guides online for migrating from JAWS to NVDA. But also
narrator is an option, though it appears oftentimes to have more in common
with Mac OS Voiceover than JAWS.Â

On Tue, Nov 2, 2021 at 15:57 Glenn / Lenny
<glenn@...<mailto:glenn@...>> wrote:

If NVDA maintainers really cared about helping the Blind, then they would
include a Jaws layout for those who want it.
This is not unheard of, Microsoft Word used to have a WordPerfect mode,
where you could use WP keyboard commands and the WP layout.
I think WindowEyes also had a Jaws KB layout as well.
But the maintainers of NVDA are so anti-Jaws, that they have to do anything
they can to try to prove that their product is better, to which I say it is
It does well, and is a good backup, probably better than Narrator, but it
does not come close to JFW, and they could do a lot better to make it easier
to recruit Jaws users.
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From: Loy<mailto:loyrg2845@...>
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2021 4:49 PM
Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

If you can't afford JAWS, you can still use it in 40 min mode. Or get NVDA,
it is Free and is a  great screen reader and there are tutorials to help
you migrate from JAWS to NVDA.
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From: Chris via<mailto:chrismedley@...>
Sent: Tuesday, November 2, 2021 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

Even so , its still going to be expensive however much the discount is
From: Edward Green<mailto:ergreen1981@...>
Sent: 02 November 2021 20:20
Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

Hi Chris,

Had you read my original message, you would have seen that I was talking
about their summer sale and not their regular pricing.

In that sale, they discount both SMAs and new licences.



On 2 November 2021 20:15:52 "Chris via<>"
according to sight and sound upgrades or maintenance agreements are
available to existing jaws owners only
From: Edward Green<mailto:ergreen1981@...>
Sent: 02 November 2021 18:09
Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

No Chris, the £150 sale price extends to new licences not just to SMAs.



On 2 November 2021 15:44:34 "Chris via<>"
Dont forget the £735+ vat to purchase jaws home before you can purchaseÂ
an sma or upgrade licence
From: Edward Green<mailto:ergreen1981@...>
Sent: 02 November 2021 12:56
Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

Fi Billy,

The annual subscription mentioned isn’t available tu us in the UK as

However, every summer Sight and Sound reduce the price of JAWS and other FS
products in line with sales offered by FS. I can’t remember what the
price of a JAWS licence was this year, but it wasn’t over £150 I
don’t think.

Hanging on until July/August is likely to be your best bet, though NVDA as
has already been suggested is a capable screen reader which may well meet
your needs.



On 2 November 2021 10:06:53 "Billy Inglis"
<billyinglis49@...<mailto:billyinglis49@...>> wrote:
hi guys, I have been Informed purchasing the Jaws Screen Reader from Freedom
Scientific these days is way to expensive. So I am asking if there are other
ways of purchasing the software for us blindys?, Billy
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