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Brian, generally when I want to comment on changing the subject line, which is rare like you, I put in the subject line the topic.  I almost missed your post because you forgot to change it and I thought you were commenting on my inability to use Narrator when setting up JAWS.  True the cost of Jaws subject has morphed into something completely different.  My main reason for changing the subject line is, if I complain about it not being changed, I leave myself open for the same criticism.  Smile. 


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           I'm generally the last person to complain about thread drift, which is when, after an initial query is answered, some other odd side conversation or conversations ensue.

           But we're well past that.  Technical topics that would be of interest to other readers who've likely long ago muted this topic are being raised and answers given.  Please split these off into dedicated topics with accurately descriptive titles.  You're more likely to get more views and a wider range of options, and future archive searchers will find it easier to locate appropriate topics.

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