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don wardlow <wardlows97@...>

This could be a big help.
Now, anybody know if we can raise or lower the volume of youtube videos? If
so, everybody play mine full volume,particularly if you want to sleep
without drugs.


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We have Bob Logue to thank for this. Here's his post.

Good news for screen reader users. I didn't know there were shortcut keys
to skip back and forth in Youtube videos. I tried it today and it works.
We do have to turn the virtual pc cursor off first (jaws key z), but that is
so much easier than trying to rout the Jaws cursor to the slider and click
on it to activate it so that the arrow keys work. Then you can also press k
to pause and resume.

Don't know if extra steps are also needed with other screen readers.


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Does anyone have the email that was sent about how to fast forward and
rewind on youtube? I just remember the virtual cursor and that is it.


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