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if you're talking about Window Eyes, the makers have gone out of business, and most likely won't work properly in Windows these days. the only alternative is NVDA which is free and Narrator which is built in to Windows 10.

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Subject: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.
Date: Tuesday, November 2, 2021, 12:15 PM
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hi Pat, thanks for reply. I have been informed not to contact Freedom
Scientific as they are very expensive. Windoweys would be the screen
reader for me, but no longer available in the UK, Billy

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Since you are in the U K I am not sure what your options
are.  Contact Freedom Scientific - better than my guessing
Pat Byrne.At 05:06 AM 11/2/2021, you wrote:
hi guys, I have been Informed purchasing the Jaws Screen Reader from
Freedom Scientific these days is way to expensive. So I am asking if
there are other ways of purchasing the software for us blindys?, Billy


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