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Billy Inglis

hi David, this is what I mean. I as a pensioner here in Scotland UK just could not afford to pay that kinda money from my weekly pension, Billy

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From: David Diamond
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Subject: Re: Jaws Screen Reader cost?.

Being Canadian the subscription was not available to me. Perhaps that's changed however, purchasing the SMA was more cost affective in the long run. It cost $160 for 2 years, as apposed to $95 per year with a subscription.

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There is an annual subscription, some might find it affordable.
It cost about $95 a year, in the US, For Personal/non-commercial use Install on 3 PCs.

On 11/2/21, Billy Inglis <billyinglis49@...> wrote:
hi guys, I have been Informed purchasing the Jaws Screen Reader from
Freedom Scientific these days is way to expensive. So I am asking if
there are other ways of purchasing the software for us blindys?, Billy

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