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I don't think  in Edge or Google Chrome they call it a shortcut any more, but you can install a website as an App:

in Edge you would log into Gmail and then press Alt + F for the File menu and go to "Apps" (pressing A should take you there), expand that menu and arrow down to "Install this site as an app".

In Chrome press just the Alt key, then arrow down to "More Tools" and you find the option to "Create Shortcut". You can then name the shortcut and there is a checkbox which says "Open as a Window", I don't know what this means, maybe Brian does and can explain it.


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Just curious what browser you're using?  Glenn's recommendation will definitely work, and it's browser agnostic, but some browsers make it very easy to send a shortcut to the desktop, while others don't.

As an aside, it's no surprise that Windows Live Mail is going wonky for you.  I recommended it as a basic email client even after it was out of support, which is a very rare exception for me, but stopped about a year ago because it is becoming problematic, particularly with GMail and other email services that use more secure authorization than Windows Live Mail was ever designed to support.

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