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You can just upgrade, if you had the Beta before and upgrade you then have the full version and the Beta is gone, there is no need to first uninstall the Beta.

There are a few ways to hear the Jaws version:


1. Press Jaws Key + J followed by Control + Jaws Key + V, this bring  up the Jaws information in the virtual viewer

2. Jaws Key + J followed by "A" for "About", this bring up the information as well, but it's not a virtual window so you have to switch to the Jaws cursor to review it in detail

3. Jaws Key + J followed by Up Arrow twice, this takes you to "About" so essentially the same as above

4. If you don't run Jaws from the system tray you can also press Alt + Tab until you get to the Jaws window and then press Control + Jaws Key + V


My preferred method is #1 because it's just two keystrokes and I can immediately use the virtual cursor to navigate the information and, if I want to, copy the Jaws version info.



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Did I miss something, or can I just upgrade to the full version now?


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I uninstalled the beta before I installed the full version of Jaws 2022.


The jaws command insert+control+v will tell you the version of the software you are running.  Doing it twice put it in a virtual window that you can select and copy from if you ever need that.

That is a great command if you ever need to know the exact version of Word, or Outlook or whatever that you are using with Jaws.

But in the Jaws window after pressing insert+j you can either press insert+control+v or just arrow up to About and hit enter.


Once you are on the one that doesn’t say beta, you can check it to start at logon and after logon.







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JAWS 2022 is giving me trouble.


First, how can I determine which version is loaded. There is no designation of which one is working. It was there at first, but now it has disappeared.

Second, When I attempted to get rid of the beta There was no way to shut it down. I also noticed that the options are the same for both versions.

When I unchecked the run jaws at start up in 2021, it was unchecked in 2022.



How can I fix the bata, or if notpossible, get rid of it.


Any help would be appreciated.

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