moderated Re: Jaws not speaking certain fields

Cohn, Jonathan

First you realithee I hope that JAWS 2021 is still on your computer so you can see if it is a jaws change or the web site? 
Also, generally using insert-f will bring up a tool to serch a websith. There are also sometimes ways to label 1fields that were not probably labeled by the web developer. 

On Oct 31, 2021, at 9:13 AM, marilyn <tinkerbelltx@...> wrote:

Good morning all,


Yesterday I updated Jaws but now I’m having a problem and wonder who else has experienced what I am. I use Skyward, a web based program, for my job. I log in and go to the section I need and enter. Before, I could tab through a list after entering while Jaws announced each option. Now there is no sound though the cursor moves from choice to choice. I am taken to whichever of the choices I enter on, but I need to be able to go directly to my needed choice instead of having to retry several times where I don’t know all the options. I have counted the tabs and know how many I need, but this same situation is happening in other fields. Please help.

Thanks for any suggestions.



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