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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

I don't use Gmail, but I would add it under Gmail because it would seem that this way the Contact is stored on Gmail servers and it will sync to your PC or any other device you may have. If you ever buy a new PC it should then also be a simple matter of setting up your Gmail account again and everything should sync and you don't have to worry about having a backup of your data file which you must then copy back to a new computer etc.



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First, I have a Gmail address that I access via Outlook on my PC and Laptop.  When I access the Outlook Address Book to add a new contact, I am not sure if I should add them under “this PC only” or “my Gmail account.”  I do not recall this option under previous versions of Outlook I have used.  The dialog box also references something like “Index.”  Any clarification would be appreciated.


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