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Adrian Spratt

IN answer to mark’s question, no, JAWS find cannot search for synonyms. The most convenient way I know to find synonyms is to open Google, go into the search field, and type the word synonyms followed by a colon, then a space, then the word. Thus:

synonyms: dog


FYI, you could download a program called WordWeb which enables you to focus on a word in your document and get a definition, synonyms, similars, and so on. the information it provides is limited, but often a quick way of getting this kind of information. “Puppy” and other names for dogs might fall under the “similars” category.


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Subject: Re: Synonym searching with JAWS


Mark, a synonym is a word which means the same as the one you have.  The words you mention are not synonyms for dog.  A puppy is a young dog and the other words refer to breeds of dog.




From: Mark

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Subject: Synonym searching with JAWS


I think this question has been asked before, but I haven't been able to find an answer. Suppose I am interested in dogs. There are many synonyms for dog, like puppy, poodle, terrier, German Shepard, and so on.
Could I configure JAWS so that when I do control + f and type dog, it will also search for any of these synonyms? 

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