moderated Reading Kindle Book Seems Broken in Jaws2022

Ed Culpepper

I have installed Jaws 2022 on my computers and have had trouble reading Kindle books on both my desktop and laptop computers. I have been accustomed to reading by using Jaws keystrokes as I would read a Word or other document. Now, however, the only way I can read is to enable “text to speech” in Kindle (Ctrl t) and start or pause reading with the shift-spacebar keystroke. I cannot navigate the text by character, word, sentence, or any of the standard Jaws ways of reading a text. This is occurring in books that I had begun reading prior to installing Jaws 2022 and had been using Jaws keyboard commands to navigate and read the Kindle books. From this description can anyone diagnose something that I am doing wrong? Is this a giant step backwards in reading Kindle content with this version of Jaws?

Many thanks in advance for any restorative suggestions.

Ed Culpepper


J Edward Culpepper, PhD

Huntsville, Alabama


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