moderated Re: Having Trouble Turning Fast Startup Off In Windows 10


On Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 08:39 PM, Bill White wrote:
You can check or uncheck hibernate there
But only if the hibernate function is active, system-wide.  I have disabled hibernation on my computer, as I don't use normal hibernation and I don't want Fast Startup, either, and disabling hibernation kills two birds with one stone.  The only two options I have available in the Choose what the power button does dialog at the moment are checkboxes for Sleep and Lock.

If you want to determine whether hibernation is disabled for Windows, which means anything that depends on it (including Fast Startup) is disabled as well, open a command prompt session and enter:

powercfg /a

In the output look for Hibernate and Fast Startup.  If under Hibernate you find, "Hibernation has not been enabled," then under Fast Startup you will certainly find, "Hibernation is not available."

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