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Ben Moxey

Hey Justin

Another thing to consider is that, by default, the Zoom window must be in
focus for the mute keyboard shortcut to work. A handy Zoom command to
memorise is Control + Alt + Shift, which brings the active Zoom meeting to
the front, no matter where you are. Do this first if you've been doing other
things and want to ensure Zoom is in focus.

Note that you can individually set Zoom's keyboard commands to be global
keyboard shortcuts, meaning that they will work from anywhere. I do have
mute/unmute set this way because I'm often reviewing documents etc and don't
want to move back and forth between applications. You can change these
options in the Keyboard Shortcuts area in Zoom's settings.

Note that I'm pretty sure you must be signed into a Zoom account to access
settings. Also, be careful when setting a keyboard shortcut to be global
because it may clash with keyboard commands from other applications when
Zoom is running. Choose wisely, and probably best to avoid changing these
options if you're unsure.

All the best!


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Hm. I was in a meeting yesterday (using a rather old JFW version mind you)
and there was definitely a button on the main meeting page (not inside the
participants panel) that showed whether I was muted or not. It says your
name and then, "currently muted", or something, if you are muted.

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Often although alt+a works, JAWS doesn't indicate that it does. My computer
just dings as though there was an error, but there wasn't. I have to go to
alt+u to locate myself in the list of attendees to see whether or not it
At 04:14 PM 10/28/2021, you wrote:
Hi, Justin. I am using Windows 10, (OS Build 19043.1320), JAWS 2022,
and mute is working fine for me with ALT plus A.

Bill White


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Subject: zoom 2021 commands

It would appear as if you 2021 zoom commands, such as alt a for muting
and unmuting don't work anymore.
How do I get them to work again?


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