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Bill White

Hello, Nermin. I also use Winamp with Windows 10, and JAWS 2022. I am using Winamp, version 5.66. Version 5.66 works fine on the latest builds of JAWS and Windows 10, as long as you ALT plus TAB a couple of times, back to the Winamp main window. This is because, when you click on a file or files to play them in Winamp, your focus remains in the files list window. Try the following,

1. Select the files you wish to play in Winamp, and press ENTER.
2. Once audio content begins playing, ALT plus TAB to the main Winamp window.
3. Press Space to stop the play of content. This will not work the first time you ALT plus TAB to the main Winamp window.
4. ALT plus TAB back to the main Winamp window, and try pressing Space again. This time it should pause the play of audio content.

Another thing I have found with Winamp is that, after a while, even when focused in the Winamp main window, when pressing B or Z, JAWS will not read out the track currently in focus. The work around I found for this is to press CONTROL plus A, to toggle always On Top Mode. After toggling Always On Top mode a couple of times, the tracks begin to read out again in JAWS.

Bill White

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Subject: JAWS 2021: Focus Issues in Winamp's Playlist Window

Hi all,

I am experiencing focus issues in Winamp after using the software for
longer than 10 minutes or so.

A friend of mine is having the same issue with her device.

We're both on the most recent version of Windows 10 64 bit.

JAWS 2021 is unable to read out the tracks in a playlist using the
cursor keys. However, NVDA and any JAWS version prior to 2021 and the
latest 2022 are exhibiting the same odd behaviour.

Is there anything we can do to fix this?

I'd even try configuring scripts if I know where to look, or tweaking
Winamp's own settings for better performance.



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