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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

And on top of that I have yet to see a computer with Windows 7 which can't run Windows 10 just as well, I have Windows 10 on my 8-year old laptop which we still use occasionally at my store if we need something we can move around and it runs just as good on it as Windows 7 did.



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I agree with everything said here.
There are countless resources available to get started using the newer windows versions. Windows versions that are no longer getting security updates should not be used on a daily basis - this is simply asking for all kinds of problems and you are risking any information that is on said machine, among a good number of programs and applications no longer supporting your, at this point, 11 year old operating system. Checking email, banking, even general, basic web browsing means that you are going to use a more outdated web browser and email client every day. 
Perfectly good means secure, receiving regular updates pertaining to security fixes and patches. Perfectly good means compatibility with the applications you use on a daily basis, along with their updates which in and of themselves contain security fixes, bug fixes and improvements. Perfectly good means a user can feel safe, comfortable and secure using their operating system and the files therein. Perfectly good does not mean an operating system which, day by day, will become less and less secure - in an age where that is already being taken seriously on systems that are fully up to date. Windows 7 is 2 years on from being officially supported and updated. It is time to move on, and I thank freedom scientific for doing just that, which will bring more inevation and compatibility with things here and now, like Windows 11.


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