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Glenn / Lenny

They don't need to support it, they've been there, done that.
Now they just need to let people use their screenreader on the old system.
But there's always the Jaws hack out there for anyone wanting to use Jaws on their windows 7 or 8.
So FS not allowing folks to use the yearly subscription version on their old windows is inviting people to discover the Jaws hack, which will run for free, the only thing it does not do is jaws tandem.
FS did something similar, back in the old days of Open Book, they provided a free slim version of Jaws called Connect Outloud.

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What is perfectly fine about a version of Windows which is no longer supported even with security updates? You could then say as well that Windows XP or Windows 98 was a perfectly fine version of Windows.
When it comes to operating systems and other software there comes a time when you just have to move on. I would say now that Windows 11 has already been released, Windows 10 has been available for 6 years and it's coming up to 2 years in January since Windows 7 stopped getting updates that time has come and I don't blame Jaws that they stopped supporting Windows 7, there are probably reasons for it beyond them having a chuckle and saying "let's screw all the remaining Windows 7 users".

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So if you have only the yearly subscription, you are screwed as far as Jaws goes, because if you want to use a perfectly fine windows, your yearly subscription will stop working, and you cannot just get a new yearly subscription for your older windows.

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No, It won't work as FS announced. check the link:

On 10/27/21, G. Gray <geogray@...> wrote:
Hi Listers-

I see the new version of Jaws is available....2022.01Â I understand this
will NOT work on Windows this true? I do not want to download
and install if it will cause problems...thanks!!!

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