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You can still use a yearly subscription that will keep JAWS 2021 going for another year, you just won’t get the update to JAWS 2022. If you so desired you could use a yearly subscription and stay on JAWS 2020, you are never forced to upgrade. If you turn off automatic updates and don’t check the website you wouldn’t even know that a new version was available.

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So if you have only the yearly subscription, you are screwed as far as Jaws goes, because if you want to use a perfectly fine windows, your yearly subscription will stop working, and you cannot just get a new yearly subscription for your older windows.

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No, It won't work as FS announced. check the link:

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Hi Listers-

I see the new version of Jaws is available....2022.01Â I understand this
will NOT work on Windows this true? I do not want to download
and install if it will cause problems...thanks!!!

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