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Bill White

Hi, Kim. Before doing anything radical, I would try the troubleshooter for searches.

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Press the letter I until the screen reader says Indexing Options. Press ENTER on that.
3. TAB about five times, until you hear, Troubleshoot search and indexing Link, and press ENTER.
4. In the resulting list of check boxes, check number two, which should read,
Files, folders, apps, or settings don't appear in results.
5. Press the "Next Button.
6. Press the "Try these repairs as an Administrator button
7. See if search is including the files, folders and options on your computer now, instead of just the web.

Bill White

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Can anyone tell me how to set the search parameters under windows 10 with Jaws?

Ever since the last windows update, my searches are going to the web
rather than searching the files on my laptop as a first option.

For example, when I type "downloads" in the search box, the results
are not from my laptop but from the internet.

I appreciate any help.



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