moderated Inappropriate Forms Mode?

Dennis Brown

I let the update feature update my 2021 to the latest build, and now have a problem that isn’t in previous builds.

When I go to the Start menu search field, then type in Settings, it loads the Windows Settings app.

Navigating in that app, it acts as if forms mode automatically gets activated.

I don’t have auto forms mode set in my JAWS settings, but when I try to move left and right through the options, it gives me the forms mode sound, then moves character by character through the name of the option, not option by option.

Likewise, if I arrow down, I get the forms mode off sound

If I select an option with Enter, I get forms mode on sound, and can’t do squat with the selected option.

I dropped back to 2020, and no problem.

If I arrow through the Systems Tray, then select my network icon, it goes into forms mode, and I can’t do anything with that selection.

Any ideas?


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