moderated Re: Eclipse IDE with JAWS 2020

Jason White

On 23/10/21 04:53, Manuel Osswald wrote:
For my studies I need the program Eclipse, because we program with Java. I have already installed and opened the program. However, I have the following problem: When I created a new project and then create a class in it, I can no longer get out of the code text field. I do get to the menu bar with the Alt key and can also reliably find the elements there, but so far it is not possible for me to navigate out of the text field with F6, for example, and get to the other controls of Eclipse.
I've experimented with Eclipse under Linux. I think it's Ctrl-F6 to move between components, not F6. Check the list of keyboard shortcuts, which should be available via your preferred Web search engine, for more details.

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