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Klaus Vielhauer

thanks, good information.

sometimes Autofill seems helpful, 

but when tapping around on a website  it frequently occurs that I am stuck in the autofill dialog and have no shortcut key to get out.

Any advice which keys are helpful?


My problem is how to get out of the dialog!

What is the the applicable shortkey?


On 10/21/2021 6:54 AM, Vaughn Brown wrote:

Hi, Kevin,


A quick Google search came up with these steps. The link is below. I agree, these autofill features can be annoying.




Vaughn Brown


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I’m using the most recent versions of windows10, Jaws2021 and Google Chrome. For some reason for the last few days I will be on a web site and come across a field I need to enter text. The field already has text in it. I can move up and down and the value changes. The value is not even what I want. I can type over it. I just wonder why this suddenly started and is there a way to turn it off in Google Chrome?




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